Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Before I return to Seventh-Heaven
(I was Upstairs at least once after
our autowrekk), I wanna go over again
 the Trinity's TRUEism of 'ain't no
 turning back the clock, pops':

TIME has no friends nor enemies -
time in guillotine-like-answer is final
yet neutral; TIME has no lovers nor
seeds to sow; TIME just marches
swiftly forward, doesnt ever look back,
and wins the permission from God to
submit U.S. to our mortal demise which
TIME swallows-up six-feet-under.

Thus, like my precious, precious girl
sooo fulla bodacious, legendary life
Upstairs she is, the ALL-mighty has
assigned each of U.S. a steel-eye-beam
in which to justify or execute His Plan
Divine for our strident soul (which she
did brilliantly though only 17) the culmin-
ation of our wee, wee lifetime on this
blunt-reality-earth toward the true
beginning of TIME which we all hath
come to know as death.

For each of us then, this becomes 'the
acceptable TIME... the Day of Salvation'
(2 Corinthians 6:2) in which we assemble
either the zeal-to-yield given to U.S. for
our fabulous, health resort Upstairs when
we croak... or downtown (yielding-to-zealotry of Satan)
where all-the-time,
Mr. DeathRowChef, the meat-N-potatoes is
none other than YOU. No thanx, ya BigLoser.
I'll pass on the slimy, yucky entrĂ©e.

NevaD'less, kids, we have only this TIME
and shall have no more: TIME is the proverb-
ial salesman who knocks on our doors at
birth and winds-up-the-clock to 'the last syll-
able of recorded TIME' (Shakespeare, Macbeth)
at death's final hour when we shall have our
lives transcribed, word4word, deed2deed, in
the Heavens by the legions of angels: the sym-
biotic relationship of give-and-take in our con-
clusive length-of-existence.

In the exhilaration of zeitgeist-like-Christians,
TIME shall be no moe, Curly [RIP]: we reached
the Omnipresent Pronoun, the Trinity, where
God/i have become One; we shall be uniquely
IN-haled in the Almighty Go's to start 'Driving-
Miss-Crazzy', thus, established in the Heavens
forever to the intensity of devotional gallantry
reached; if we achieved a high cultivation of
souls, we'll be put nearer to the level of every-
thang and eternal more. If not? C'est la vie. I
ain't your executioner.

Saint Paul urges, 'Let U.S. not grow weary in
well-doing, for in due season, we shall reap if
we dont lose heart' (Galatians 6:9-9). Doing
for others in the Name of the SuperSeed,
charity and benevolence bestows upon TIME
a MegaLottaGobbsaGreatDeal of ETERNAL
wealth/plethora of treasure-beyond-measure
in the Elysian Fields, super-great-value in van-
squishing the dangnasty, evil shades forever
(repulsive, damned souls who only wannnna
damn you, too - they have absolutely nthn to
lose as they're filled with contemptNwrath at
anyone who's living.
'Vade Retor, Satana!
Ipse Venena Bibas, fatuus!!'
-Saint Benedict)

We have only this short, ten days of TIME to
grow in love and charity, poptart... then, comes
our lifelong demise without deception. And, yes,
like invisible, Polo cologne, like tenacious TIME,
our sardonic satire is palpable in the Heavens.
Let's B1, girl.